Parent Night Out


Parent Night Out

Parent Night Out is located in our facility and gives parents a night off while we watch the kids. Your kids will have a blast while you get to leave them at the Y for a night out on the town. We play games, make crafts, and have fun in the Child Watch. We watch a different Disney or Pixar animated movie for each event!

We will serve a light snack, but you will want to be sure to feed your child dinner before dropping them off. Alternatively, you can pack your child dinner as long as it requires minimal prep-work (no assembling or heating please) and does not contain peanuts or tree nuts (this includes products manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts or tree nuts).

Make sure to register at the membership desk or online prior to the night of the event. Our spots fill up quickly so we recommend that you register as soon as you know you’d like to attend.

Cost: $31 for members | $20 per additional child
          $41 for non-members | $30 per additional child

Ages: For children ages 6 weeks to 10 years.

Dates: Occurs on the first and third Saturday, September-May 

Time: 4-8pm

You are welcome to fill out the Parent Night Out consent form before you arrive. To print the form,  click here.

Register Now

For more information, contact Kasey Boettcher at 253-460-8809.

Monthly Movie Schedule

2020 Movie Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • January 4 - Boss Baby
  • January 18 - Tangled
  • February 1 - The Little Mermaid
  • February 15 - Princess and the Frog
  • March 7 - The Incredibles
  • March 21 - The Incredibles 2
  • April 4 - Toy Story
  • April 18 - Toy Story 2
  • May 2 - Toy Story 3
  • May 16 - Toy Story 4
  • No events scheduled for June, July, August
  • September 5 - WALL-E
  • September 19 - Coco
  • October 3 - Wreck-It Ralph
  • October 17 - Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • November 7 - Frozen
  • November 21 - Frozen 2
  • December 5 - Oliver and Company
  • December 19 - The Polar Express

Parent Night Out Schedule

During check-in time, the parents/guardians will fill out a Parent Night Out consent form with details of who can pick up, any allergies, and numbers to contact in case of emergency. While we wait for all our friends to show up, the children have free-play in the Child Watch room. After free-play, we take the potty-trained children and the older children in pull-ups to the racquetball court (or playground in the summer) to play games and let off some energy. During this time, the younger children have more free-play time and more one-on-one interactions with our Child Watch team.

Then, we take the older children from the racquetball court (or playground) to the art room to do the craft. During this time, the younger children are eating the snack that we provide and any dinner that they have packed.

After this, we serve the older children the snacks provided and packed food they have brought while the younger children finish eating and continue playing.

Once the older children are done eating, they are brought back into the Child Watch room with the younger children and we all watch a movie together. We serve popcorn to the children during this time. If any child does not wish to watch the movie, they are able to play or color quietly in the Child Watch.

During pick-up, we will check the parent/guardian’s ID to ensure it matches the consent form so please bring your ID upon pickup. Because the YMCA closes at 8:00pm on Saturdays, all children need to be picked up by 8:00pm sharp.

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