Youth Investment Center

The purpose of the YMCA Youth Investment Center is to create a safe environment where teens can connect to positive role models and then, through relationship, connect to assistance, and resources they need.

At the YMCA Youth Investment Center, teens are encouraged to bring out the best in each other while enjoying a safe place to work through challenging real-life opportunities. Teens can create lasting friendships, connect with peers, gain community service experience, develop skills, and so much more! 

"A culture of honor is celebrating who people are without stumbling over who they are not."
- Bill Johnson

Hours of Operation

Normal School Days: Monday-Friday | 2:30-6pm
No School Days/ Half Days: Monday-Friday | 12-5pm
Summer Schedule: Monday-Friday | 12-5pm**

**Program is student-led with the support of staff.

School Year Program

Monday | Real Life Skills Class

Topics range from "how to deal with an adult that you think doesn't like you" to "how to change the oil in a car". Class topics are inspired by current events in the lives of the teens as well as practical life skills.

** On the second Monday of the month, we head over to the Senior Activity Center to teach the elderly how to use smart phones.

Tuesday | Community Connect

Community members are invited to come and share their profession and path they took to get to where they are today. We learn from others so that we can grow from their perspectives. This is also a day where we can go out and volunteer in the community. "See a need, fill a need."

Wednesday | Healthy Relationships Class

We process how to have healthy relationships by discovering our own value. Topics range from how to listen to respectfully disagree. Once a year we talk about sex trafficking and sexual risk behavior led by Smart Program. The rest of the 50 weeks in the year, we discuss how to have healthy interactions with mankind.

Thursday | Spiritual Conversations

The YMCA's mission statement is to put Christian principles into practice through program to help build a healthy body, mind, and spirit for all. We have spiritual conversation on Thursdays that inspire personal growth and value. 

Friday | Creative Day

On Fridays we turn the music up, play large group games, plan special events, and have a creative day to cap off the week. 

Free snacks are offered for those doing their homework. There is a healthy snack bar to purchase items from. Priced at $1 and under.

Seasonal Internships

Seasonal internships are offered for students who want to grow in leadership. Their responsibilities are to model the core values of the YMCA, lead by example, create special events, and possibly lead a class.

All programming is rooted in the YMCA's core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty.


Renne Gilliam_ Youth Investment Center Director
Renne Gilliam at 253-460-8985

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