Competitive Gymnastics

USAG Gymnastics Team and Pre-Team: By invitation only, the competitive gymnastics team follows the standards of USA Gymnastics to develop flexibility, strength, grace, discipline, coordination, goal orientation, confidence, creativity, leadership, and positive self-esteem. 

Gymastics Programs


Participants learn cheers, jumps, motions, tumbling, stunts, and teamwork in a fun and energetic environment. (5-12 years old)

Gymnastics Beginner (1 and 2)

Classes provide instruction on gymnastics equipment and skills. Participants develop body awareness and improve strength and flexibility and learn the fundamentals of gymnastics skills and terminology.  (5-12 years old)

Gymnastics Intermediate

Testing out of the Beginner level required. This class builds on the basic skills achieved in Beginner Gymnastics, and further develops coordination, strength, and flexibility. Prepares gymnasts for the Advanced Gymnastics class. (Girls: 5-12 years old, Boys: 6-12 years old)

Gymnastics Advanced

Testing out of the Intermediate level required. This class builds on the skills achieved in Intermediate Gymnastics, and challenges gymnasts to a new level of coordination, strength, and flexibility. (6-12 years old)

*Girls Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 is registered by director registration only.

Preschool Gymnastics

Classes provide activities that include an aerobic warm-up and stretching. Children will work on developing motor skills, body awareness, hand-eye coordination, and improve their strength and flexibility. (3-5 years old)

Teen Gymnastics

An opportunity for teens to learn new skills and improve coordination, strength, and flexibility. This class is for beginner through advanced gymnasts. (12-18 years old)

Toddler Gym

Toddler Gym is an opportunity for parents to help their young children explore the gymnastics gym under the guidance of trained gymnastics staff. Parent participation is required. (10 months-4 years old)

Preparing for Class

What to wear:

  • Hair pulled back and out of face
  • No dangling jewelry
  • Bare feet
  • Athletic bottoms (no buttons or zippers)
  • T-shirt that can be tucked into bottoms or leotard


Cassandra 1Cassandra Soria,                                    

Youth Gymnastics Director                   


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