Registration Information

Winter 1 Registration  |  January 21-22

Session Dates  |  January 27 - February 23

Select One Registration | Monday, January 20 from 8am-8pm

Select One Registration allows current members the opportunity to register for one recreational class (ie. Swim or Gymnastics) per child. This registration time will not include fee-based classes (ie. Dance or Little Learners).

Fee-based Class Registration | Tuesday, January 21 from 8am​

Fee-based registration allows you to complete registration for classes that are not included in your membership fees, such as Dance and Little Learners. 

Select One More Registration | Wednesday, January 22 from 8am-8pm​

Select One More Registration will include opportunities to register for recreational and fee-based classes. During this registration, you will be able to register your child for one additional recreational class opportunity if you already registered for one on the first day of registration. Participants may only be registered for a total of two recreational classes in different categories. For example, one swim class and one gymnastics class.


*Girls Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Gymnastics are by director registration only.

*If you do not arrive at the first day of class without notifying the program director, you will be dropped from the class to allow room for other participants. 

2020 Registration and Session Dates

WINTER 1 SESSION  |  January 20 - February 23

  • Monday Registration (select one) | January 20 from 8am-8p

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | January 21 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | January 22 from 8am-8pm

WINTER 2 SESSION  |  March 2 - April 5

  • Monday Registration (select one) | February 24 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | February 25 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | February 26 from 8am-8pm

SPRING 1 SESSION  |  April 13 - May 10

  • Monday Registration (select one) | April 6 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | April 7 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | April 8 from 8am-8pm

SPRING 2 SESSION  |  May 18 - June 14

  • Monday Registration (select one) | May 11 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | May 12 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | May 13 from 8am-8pm

SUMMER 1 SESSION  |  June 22 - July 26

  • Monday Registration (select one) | June 15 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | June 16 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | June 17 from 8am-8pm

SUMMER 2 SESSION  |  August 3 - August 30

  • Monday Registration (select one) | July 27 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | July 28 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | July 29 from 8am-8pm

FALL BLAST  |  September 14 - 27

  • Come check out some of our Fall class offerings!

FALL 1 SESSION  |  October 5 - November 8

  • Monday Registration (select one) | September 28 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | September 29 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | September 30 from 8am-8pm

FALL 2 SESSION  |  November 16 - December 20

  • Monday Registration (select one) | November 9 from 8am-8pm

  • Tuesday Registration  (fee-based) | November 10 from 8am

  • Wednesday Registration (select one more) | November 11 from 8am-8pm

A New Way To Register For Classes


Beginning with our Summer 1 registration, those who sign up for more than one class, per child during the "Select One Registration" and the "Select One More Registration" will automatically be canceled out of the additional classes."

To cancel a class you do not wish to have, please call 253-460-8998 or email our registration team the SAME DAY you register to assure you get into the class you desire. We are here to help.


During our registration session spaces fill quickly. We encourage you to be online and ready to register right when we go live with registration (8am unless posted otherwise).

If you have any questions regarding our registration process please email our registration team at or call 253-460-8980.

**In order to enroll you child in a program, your child must be the required age listed by the day the session begins. 

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