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Group Hero imageThe Y's Life University classes and support groups offer hope and provide a place for genuine relationships. Our groups, workshops, and seminars are based on research and Christian principles. People of diverse faiths or no faith are welcome and assured spiritual safety. Find help in navigating some of the most challenging and joyful aspects of life.

Life University classes might be right for you if:

  • There’s an area of your life that you wish you could change.
  • You’re struggling with a relationship.
  • You’re having a hard time finding meaning in your life.
  • You’re in a challenging situation.
  • Your life isn’t where you want it to be.

Making Change Stick Workshops

Making change stick (orange)If you struggle to break old habits, feel stuck in a cycle of behavior or are contemplating change, the Making Change Stick Workshop is a great place to begin.

This hour and a half workshop helps you learn the research-based process of holistic change and gives you direction on where and how to start. Leave with the tools you need to make the change you’ve always wanted.

No cost to YMCA members or community members
Class Information: 
Friday, March 9, 10-11:30am
Monday, March 19, 4:30-6pm
Friday, April 13, 10-11:30am
Monday, April 30, 6:30-8pm
Thursday, May 3, 10-11:30am
​Tuesday, May 15, 4:30-6pm
Thursday, June 7, 10-11:30am
Monday, June 18, 5:30-7pm

For information or to register for any of the groups below visit the Membership Office or contact Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924. 

Financial Peace University

If you are stressed about money or need a new plan to budget or manage your finances, Financial Peace University provides you with the tools to handle your money.

In Financial Peace University, join others in the common struggle of learning to manage personal finances, getting control of spending, and setting financial goals.  Trained facilitators provide a supportive environment, using materials created by Dave Ramsey. 

$100 YMCA members and community members
50% discount for those who qualify for Financial Assistance

Class Information: 
Fridays, January 26 - March 23
6 - 8pm

Thursdays, April 4 - May 31
6 - 8pm

Contact: Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924

Financial Peace University Helps the Howards Gain Control of Their Finances

On the surface it seemed like Jessica and Ngoma Howard were living the American dream. They were happily married, owned a house and cars, and had two children. In reality the Howard family was feeling the weight of debt from car payments, a mortgage, student loans, and credit cards.

FPU Howard FamilyTired of feeling stressed and hopeless about making payments, Jessica and Ngoma decided to join Financial Peace University, and offering of Life University. Using acclaimed materials created by Dave Ramsey, participants of Financial Peace University learn how to manage personal finances through the support of trained facilitators in a supportive, resourceful setting.

In just three months Jessica and Ngoma paid off $12,000 of debt. They are selling their home and cars so they can buy more affordable options. “We are finally telling our money what to do instead of letting it run us,” said Jessica. “It feels good to gain control.”

Journey to Freedom

If you need an inspiring and practical vision for change and self-improvement in your life, Journey to Freedom may be your first step.

Journey to Freedom offers a safe environment to explore improving your life, restoring hope and rebuilding your circle of encouragement. Become more self-aware and prepare for positive change in a small group of six to ten people led by supportive facilitators.

$30 YMCA Member
$45 Community Member

Class Information: 
Tuesdays, January 30-March 20

Tuesdays, May 1 - June 19
11am - 1pm
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Contact: Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924

Journey to Healthy Living

If you are struggling with your relationship to food and your body, Journey to Healthy Living provides support to help you achieve peace with your body and lifestyle.

This eight-week class meets twice a week and includes moderate physical activity, book discussion, journaling, and food education within a supportive environment.This group presents a new way of thinking about the way food and body image interact with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

$50 YMCA member
$65 Community member

Class Information: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 30 - March 22

Tuesdays and Thursdays, May 1 - June 21
11am - 1pm
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Contact: Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924


For most of her life, JacQuie struggled with her feelings of self-worth, and relied on eating as a form of control. Recognizing that she needed help breaking unhealthy habits, she decided to participate in Journey to Freedom Healthy Living.

Journey to Healthy Living_2015_JacQuie Blake“I had a place to go where we were all safe to talk,” said JacQuie. “Everyone could say their thoughts and feelings uninterrupted and unchallenged, and that was encouraging.”

Journey to Healthy Living provides group support for those searching to find freedom from food issues, eating disorders, and negative body image.

This small group guides participants to achieve peace with their bodies and lifestyle.Since completing Journey to Freedom, JacQuie has been able to take control of her eating and enjoys making disciplined choices for nourishment. She has even begun taking care of her brother to help him make healthy eating choices.

“I am a different person now,” said JacQuie. “I get such happiness when I say no to unhealthy choices, and yes to healthy ones. Now that’s empowerment!”

Floating Beyond Fear

If you often miss out on water-based activities because of fear, discomfort or avoidance, Floating Beyond Fear provides a safe and supportive environment to address your fear of water. 

Floating Beyond Fear is an eight-week, small group class led by facilitators who respect your process, personal story, and boundaries. It combines pool time with group discussions on how your body naturally interacts with water, tools for remaining calm, and floating skills. With the support and encouragement of those who understand your fear, you will work towards becoming confident around water.

This class is included with membership; community members $60

Class Information: 
Sundays, April 15 - June 10
2 - 3:45pm
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Contact Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924 for more information. 

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Bible Study

Are you tired and burdened? This Bible Study will lead you to resting and releasing your heavy burdens to the Lord. This Bible study will use the book, "Rest and Release," written by Courtney Joseph. It includes a daily devotional as Joseph shares some of her personal struggles. She provides a daily Bible Reading plan, SOAK pages, a Daily Reflection Question and a Verse of the Day. You can find corresponding videos on the blog at A program offering of Life University.

$15 for YMCA members and community members

Class Information: 
Fridays, May 4 - May 25
12 - 1pm
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For information or to register, visit the Membership Office or contact Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924.

Creative Workshop

Mom and Me. Make a date with your mom or artistic child (age 7 and up) and paint a teacup or coffee mug while sipping tea and eating cookies, Saturday before Mother's Day. Rose, our instructor, will have all the supplies and will show us a few special techniques or you can make your own designs! A program offering of Life University.

Adult and child - $30 YMCA members and $45 community members
Adult only - $20 YMCA members and $25 community members

Class Information: 
Saturday, May 12 from 11am - 1pm
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For information or to register, visit the Membership Office or contact Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924.

For information or to register for any of the groups below visit the Membership Office or contact Amy Boheman at or 253-460-8924. Find out about other Life University classes at the YMCA.

Community members are welcome to participate in all Life University classes and are required to sign our guest waiver and present Photo ID upon entering our facilities. Additional fees may apply. 

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