LFY ballet dance class 2016

Express yourself through movement in our dance program. Dance classes are offered for both youth and adults ages 3 and up. A variety of dance styles are offered, from ballet to hip hop for beginners and advanced dancers. Classes are offered year-round during our class sessions. Participants must register in advance. Expand each section below to learn about the classes and register.

Dance Dress Code

To help answer questions about what your child should wear to class, please see our  Dance Dress Code. 


Ballet Beginning/Intermediate for Youth, Teen, and Adult

Beginning students learn preparatory exercises, focusing on creativity and exploration of movement. More advanced students engage in placement, technique, and musicality through barre, center, and enchainment (combination) exercises.

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Creative Movement (Ages 1-5)

Basic ballet movements and music concepts are introduced through the teaching of imagination, self-expression, and group interaction. Parent participation is required.

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Dance Companies (Ages 8+)

By invitation only, dance company members are selected from YMCA dance programs and participate in two performance seasons in a year.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Beginning/Intermediate

Master your floor work and footwork in this high-energy class, with a focus on rhythms, musicality, and individual expression.

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Jazz Beginning/Intermediate

Channel your inner Broadway dancer in this challenging and engaging class that emphasizes syncopation, expression, body alignment, and strength.

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Interpret emotions through fluid ballet movements and sharp jazz techniques while dancing to both popular ballads and slower contemporary music.

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Offered to advanced dancers by invitation only to advance their skills in body alignment, feet placement, and the transition to and from en pointe.

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Tap Beginning/Tap Intermediate for Youth, Teen, and Adult

Put on your tapping shoes to learn the technique, terminology, and rhythm of tap dancing.

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Leslie Gerking at 253-460-8947

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