Class Registration Information


Fall 1 | Five-Week Session

  • Registration | September 23
  • Registration Closed | September 24
  • Open Registration | September 25-October 11
  • Session Dates | September 30-November 3


Fall 2 | Five-Week Session

  • Registration | November 4
  • Registration Closed | November 5
  • Open Registration | November 6 - November 22
  • Session Dates | November 11 - December 15

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While our  group exercise classes are drop-in, many classes require registration. Swim lessons, gymnastics, performing and visual arts, and martial arts are registered classes running on 3-5-week sessions. At the end of each session is a break week without classes when we have registration.

Registration begins on the Monday of break week starting at 6am for fee-based classes and 7am for included classes. Members will be able to select one land and one water class per person. Registration closes on Tuesday and opens again on Wednesday at 7am where members can select an additional class if they wish. 

Members may register for any number of paid fee-based classes.

All classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a preferred class is not available on the Monday of registration, check back on Wednesday and frequently during the first two weeks of registration. Classes fill quickly, so make sure you're prepared by viewing our  registration tips!

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Upcoming Session Dates

Fall 2 | Five-Week Session

  • Registration | November 4
  • Registration Closed | November 5
  • Open Registration | November 6-22
  • Session Dates | November 11-December 15

Break Week Schedule

Just because classes are taking a break, doesn't mean that you have to! Check out our open swim times! During break weeks, wherever you see "SWIM LESSONS," there is actually open swim during those times. Youth are also allowed to participate in our group exercise classes with an adult as long as they are able to follow directions and be respectful in class.

Youth Sports Registration

Summer 2 | Four-Week Session

  • Registration | August 7
  • Leagues Start | September 10

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Your Summer 2 Youth Sports Options

  • Advanced Soccer
  • Intermediate Basketball
  • Rugby
  • T-Ball
  • Sports Mix
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Basketball Conditioning

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Registration confirmation: Immediately after your online registration processes, you will receive an emailed receipt. After registration closes, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print these documents for your reference.

Questions? Contact Katrina Holderith at 253-460-8908

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