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We value your comments and feedback. Here you can find information about our facility improvements and responses to our top trending comments. Please let us know what we're doing well and what we could improve by filling out a comment card or speaking to a staff member. Expand each section below to learn more.

2019 Flooring Replacement


  • Child Watch | September 30 - October 7
    • Child Watch will remain open during this time
    • Child Watch will be relocated to the Conference Room
    • Child Watch can be accessed through the lobby
    • Updates to Child Watch include new flooring and layout
  • ​Conference Room and Community Room | October 7-14
    • Some programming will be relocated, please see Welcome Center staff for more information
  • Youth Center and Aquatics Office | October 14-21
    • Staff will be relocated to the main office.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve our facility! 

Facility Improvements


September 2019

  • New Flooring
    • ​Child Watch | September 30 - October 7: Child Watch will remain open during this time and will be relocated to the Conference Room. Child Watch access will be through the lobby. Updates include new flooring and layout. 
    • Conference Room and Community Room | October 7-14: Some programming will be relocated, please see Welcome Center staff for more information.
    • Youth Center and Aquatics Office | October 14-21: Staff will be relocated to the main office.

June 2018

  • Parking Lot Maintenance: To improve the condition of the parking lot for the safety of our staff and members. May 31-June 8, we will be closing sections of the parking lot to patch, fill cracks, seal, and restripe. Here's what you can expect:
    • Wednesday, June 6: The south section of the parking lot will be closed. Parking will be available in the north portions of the lot or in the side lot next to the playground. Overflow parking is available next door at Lowe's.

    • Thursday, June 7: The side lot next to the playground will be closed. Parking will be available in the main section of the parking lot. Overflow parking is available next door at Lowe's.

    • Friday, June 8: The north section of the parking lot and the main driveway from Lakewood Drive will be closed. All traffic will enter the parking lot through the south entrance located between the Y and Lowe's. Parking will be available in the south lot and the side lot next to the playground. Overflow parking will also be available at Lowe's.

    • Thank you for your patience as we make these necessary improvements. View our timeline for completion here. 

January 2018

  • Lobby Remodel: To provide an open concept space where we can provide prompter service, maximize comfort, and create welcoming environment to our members and community members. 

March 2017

  • Field Expansion: To provide more space for our camp and youth sports league programs, we started a project to expand and re-grade our field.

December 2016

  • New Carpet and Furniture: We installed new carpet in our upstairs hallway and cardio strength area. We also replaced worn-out furniture.

October 2016

  • New Pool Window: We installed a new first-floor pool window to increase visibility into the aquatics center and added a countertop with built-in cell phone charging stations.

September 2016

  • Exercise Room Entrance Expansion: We expanded the entrances to two of our upstairs exercise rooms to improve accessibility for members and visibility for staff.
  • Locker room privacy upgrades: We renovated our locker rooms to add additional shower partitions and changing stalls.

Trending Comments

June 2017

In April, we conducted a survey of members to assess your satisfaction with our programs and facility. In response to your comments, we want to let you know what we heard and what we're doing to better serve you going forward.

  • You asked for more swim lesson spots. Based on your feedback, we added 300 additional swim spots and will add 200 more over the course of this summer to serve more families. We are also launching a new skills-based swim lesson cirriculum next session.
  • You shared concerns about the cost of membership. We try to help families benefit from their memberships by offering many of our programs at no additional cost. Additionally, we offer financial assistance to make sure that no one is turned away for inability to pay. Currently, 26% of Lakewood members receive some form of financial assistance.
  • You expressed frustration over the cleanliness of the facility. To improve cleanliness, we hired a new company to clean our building after-hours. We expect to see a difference immediately.

Your feedback is crucial to help us better serve you and your family. Every month, we’ll share more details on how we’re improving our facility and programs in response to your comments.

COMPLETED | Aquatics Center and Lower Men's Locker Room Closure

UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 7: Our Aquatics Center is officially open! Splash into the 2019 with us! View our group exercise schedules!

UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 4: Our Aquatics Center is awaiting a final inspection that is scheduled on Monday, January 7. The official opening time is to be determined upon completion of inspection. All aquatics drop in classes are on hold until the pool officially opens. We are as excited as you are to open the Aquatics Center as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 21: Our Aquatics Center reopening has been moved to Monday, January 7 due to our new lighting system being delayed in arrival. Our Lower Men's Locker Room is still scheduled to reopen on the date of Wednesday, December 26. Please make sure to see our modified facility hours during the holidays. 


Our Aquatics Center and Lower Men's Locker Room will be closed from November 29-December 26 for some much needed maintenance. Below are a few highlights about what will be happening during these closures:


  • New HVAC system
  • Resurfacing of the pool deck and stairs
  • New lighting
  • Fresh paint
  • New handrails


  • New lockers
  • New fixtures
  • New partitions

Check here each week to stay up to date on the progress of these projects. To help keep you moving during these closures, we will be offering additonal youth and group exercise classes during these closures. Click on the button below to view these scedules.




LFY Aquatics Panorama Pools 2018LFY Lower Men's Locker Room Panorama 2018



Lobby Remodel - Fall 2017

LFY Lobby Entry View 07_27_17

As we celebrate our 25 year anniversary, it’s time to update our look. You may have noticed several facility improvements in the last 6-9 months and remodeling our lobby to create a more open and inviting space is a part of the overall plan to take us into the next 25 years. We are excited to bring new features, as well as increase the safety and security of the entry point. Our lobby renovation will allow us to better serve members and guests alike.

Lobby Remodel Floor Plan


  • Front entryway expanded, creating a larger lobby
  • Welcome Center closer to the front doors for prompter service
  • Visible and more open Membership Office
  • Additional member service desk for questions, equipment and merchandise sales
  • Updated and rearranged café to maximize service and comfort
  • Two-sided fireplace in the café
  • Cozier lobby and café seating
  • Heat Curtain at the front door to keep out the cold in the winter


We can now check off Week 6 of construction! The Korsmo team has been pouring concrete, and working to install steel beams for structural support. The estimated completion of the remodel is set for December 22. Stay up to date on the progress of our Lobby Remodel by checking back here, or "Like" us on Facebook.



Korsmo 360 Week 6.4

Week 5.2











Week 3 of construction is complete! The Korsmo team has been busy with the demolition phase, though there is still more work to be done.

Week 3.5

Week 3.2


Week 3.3



No, membership dues pay for day-to-day operating expenses like the lights, water, staff, and supplies. Capital projects, such as large renovations or repairs are paid for out of a separate fund. These capital improvement funds are set aside every year in order to help branches replace infrastructure and enhance the functionality of facilities.

LFY Lobby Welcome Center and Cafe View 07_27_17

LFY Lobby Second Floor View 07_27_17

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