Membership Rates




  • No contracts, month-to-month membership
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Pierce and Kitsap Counties membership provides access to all nine facility branches and access to any YMCA in the United States with Nationwide Membership
  • Adult Group Exercise Classes included 
  • Youth Programs, such as swim lessons, martial arts, and gymnastics are included
  • Child Watch service available for an additional monthly rate
  • Personalized Fitness Orientations included
  • Use of cardio room, weight room, pool, gyms, and amenities


  • Adult (age 30+)  -  $61/month
  • Adult Couple (age 30+) -  $93/month
  • Active Duty Military -  $46/month
  • Young Adult (age 18-29) -  $46/month
  • Young Adult Couple (age 18-29) -  $78/month


  • 1 Adult + 1 Youth - $83/month
  • 1 Adult + Multiple Youth - $105/month
  • 2 Adults + 1 Youth - $115/month
  • 2 Adults + Multiple Youth - $137/month
  • 1 Young Adult + 1 Youth - $68/month
  • 1 Young Adult + Multiple Youth - $90/month
  • 2 Young Adults + 1 Youth - $100/month
  • 2 Young Adults + Multiple Youth - $122/month
  • Youth (age 0-17 without an adult) -  $41 per youth/month
  • Maximum Household - $142/month

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Rates are charged monthly.

Joining Fees**

  • 1st Adult (age 18+) - $100
  • 2nd Adult (age 18+) - $50
  • Youth (age 0-17) - No joining fee

Joining fees are a one-time charge.

A Household is defined as two adults living in a household with their dependents, if any. The number of adults is limited to two, unless other adults in the household qualify as dependents and are claimed on either of the primary adults' tax return. Dependents include full-time college students, elderly parents or disabled adult children. Verification of household status will require tax returns for dependents and can include driver's license, rental agreement, or a bill with a shared address for non-dependents.

**Joining fees apply if you have not been a Y member in the last 90 days.

Guest Passes


  • Adult (18+ years): $10 if accompanied by a member  |  $15 without a member
  • Youth: $5 if accompanied by a member  |  $10 without a member
  • Family: $15 if accompanied by a member and for all families on Sundays  |  $25 without a member

Complete Guest Waiver Process

Payment Methods

The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties offers a variety of payment methods to fit your needs including:

  • Monthly bank or credit card draft
  • Annual payments
  • Six month payments

To set up your membership, please visit your  local YMCA facility. If you have any questions about your membership or payments, please contact Centralized Member Services at 253-534-4715.

The Y is for all. We offer financial assistance based on household size and income to help ensure that everyone has access to programs that promote health in spirit, mind, and body.  Learn more about financial assistance and download our application.

Child Watch

In our Child Watch programs, babies develop trust and security, preschoolers experience early literacy and learn about their world, and school-age children make friends, learn new skills, and do homework.

*Please tell our Welcome Center staff if this is your first time using our Child Watch facility so they may set up your children in our database. 

6 weeks - 7 years old

$35 per family (2 hours max use per day; unlimited children)
$50 per family (3 hours max use per day; unlimited children)
$8 for single day (2 hour max)

Vary by  location

Add or Remove Members from My Account

To add or remove members from your account, please contact our membership staff by visiting your  local YMCA.

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