BANG® Power Dance Drop-in Class

This mixed fitness class combines HIIT training and some serious attitude. It is a unique fusion of boxing, cardio, HIIT, hip-hop, world dance, and body weight training. Jump start your workout with a “BANG”!
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Kim Rose at 360-307-4006

Cardio Dance Drop-in Class

Enjoy lively rhythms and movements in this fun, choreography-based workout.

Cardio Step Drop-in Class

Step to a high-energy workout for all fitness levels. Please arrive a few minutes early to discuss bench height and basic steps with instructor.

COMMIT Dance Fitness Drop-in Class

Sweat it out to a vast variety of music genres and dance styles to ensure you receive the most high calorie burning, core strengthening, physique to toning and shaping experience.
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Kim Rose at 360-307-4006

Hula Drop-in Class

Learn the basics of hula and the Hawaiian culture.

MIXXEDFIT® Drop-in Class

Combine explosive dancing and boot camp toning for a fun and effective workout.

Zumba® Drop-in Class

Move to the music in this Latin-inspired dance aerobic workout fueled by international music.