Cardio Strength

Bag Boxing Drop-in Class

Learn proper punching technique, defensive movement, and footwork using heavy bags. Highly recommended to bring your own gloves.

Boot Camp Drop-in Class

This fast-paced class focuses on agility, strength, and cardio segments. This class may be offered outside, weather permitting.

Cardio Strength Drop-in Class

Get a total body workout that focuses on tightening and toning the body with intervals of cardio and strength using hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, steps, and resistance balls.

Circuit Drop-in Class

Targets strength building and muscular endurance through the use of weight and resistance equipment, aerobic intervals, plyometrics, and more.
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Functional Fitness Bootcamp Registration Required

Queenax training is focused around functional training, which allows you to replicate the movement pattern of your sport or train your body to support the specific demands of your lifestyle.

Workouts consist of variations of movements based on primal movement patterns, which includes exercise focused on push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, twist and move, or locomotion.


Choose your level of intensity for this functional fitness class! Using Queenax training equipment, choose between family, beginner, active adult, or high-intensity training meant to be fun as well as improve on balance, coordination, and functional fitness patterns utilizing the Queenax corner unit.

Kim Rose at 360-307-4006

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) Drop-in Class

HIIT training combines body resistance, plyometrics, and calisthenics to deliver a 30-45 minute workout that will burn fat and calories. Participants will be pushed into their anaerobic zones for short intervals and aerobic zones for longer intervals and then awarded recovery periods. Modifications will be given.

Kickboxing Drop-in Class

Focus on cardiovascular strengthening in this high energy class utilizing punches, kicks, and intervals.

Muscle Toning Drop-in Class

Condition the total body through strength and endurance exercises using resistance equipment including hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, steps, and resistance balls.

R.I.P.P.E.D.® Drop-in Class

Maintain fitness in this high-intensity program that utilizes free weights, resistance, and body weight and combines each of its components in ways that are fun, safe, and effective.

Rumble By R.I.P.P.E.D® Drop-in Class

Varied level cardio workout using authentic Mixed Martial Arts moves including boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Easy to follow and fresh new workouts and music every quarter.

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STRONG by Zumba® Drop-in Class

A high intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation. Using your own body weight, you will gain muscular endurance, tone, and definition.
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Women on Weights Registration Required

Experience a variety of workouts using different weight room equipment. Learn about proper weight room form and technique and stay motivated by pre and post program strength tests.


Whether you are a beginning exerciser or a seasoned tri-athlete, strength training has a variety of benefits that impact our well-being on a daily basis. This 8 week small group class will allow you to experience a variety of workouts using different weight room equipment. Our hope is for you to feel comfortable and competent in the weight room, build relationships and utilize proper form and technique.
Kim Rose at 360-307-4006

Zumba® Toning Drop-in Class

Lightweight resistance for muscular endurance and tone with all the cardio benefits of dancing.