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Learn to prepare and cook nutritious meals in a fun environment.

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts: Our culinary arts class is a fun introductory cooking class for youth ages 7-12. We focus on simple one or two pot meals that a child can create with minimal adult assistance. This session we are learning to work with rice! Recipes include highlights like Chicken Onigiri and Zucchini fried rice.


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Beginner Baking

Beginner Baking: Our Y Bakers Beginners class is fun introductory baking class for youth ages 7-12. We focus on introducing measuring skills, reading a recipe, and learning about the components of our food.  This session we are learning about bread and its varieties. Some highlights include Pizza and Cornbread.


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Intermediate Baking

Intermediate Baking: Our Y Bakers Intermediate class is a slightly more advanced class that allows our students to explore new techniques and skills. Students will often be able to make choices on what variation of a recipe to make. This session we are learning about bread and its varieties. Highlights include Cinnamon Rolls and German Pretzels.


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Sample Lesson Plan

Week 1

Culinary: French toast

Beginner: Double Chocolate Chip

Intermediate: Mini Kibbeh


Week 2

Culinary: Breakfast Sandwiches

Beginner: Snickerdoodles

Intermediate: Mini Quiches


Week 3

Culinary: Pancakes

Beginner: Sugar Cookies

Intermediate: Apple Empanada




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