Youth Dance

A variety of dance styles are offered, from ballet to hip hop for beginners and advanced dancers. Classes are offered year-round during our class sessions. Participants must register in advance.

Intro to Dance Programming

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Intro to Ballet:   Children ages 3-5 learn the basics of ballet techinique.  Classes are designed as an introduction only prior to participating in Progressive Dance classes. 

Creative Movement:  Ages 2-3.  This fee based parent and child program teaches the basic ballet or tap movements and music concepts that are introduced through the teaching of imagination, self-expression, and group interaction.  

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Progressive Dance Programming

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Our Progressive Dance classes are for youth ages 3-12 years old.  These fee based dance classes teach age appropriate technique and offer an opportunity for skill progression.  Participants who commit to any of the progressive dance genres from the Winter-Spring sessions will be eligible to participate in the Annual Spring Recital.  Please contact Edna Cox at 360-307-4041 for more information.  

  • Class fees:  $21.00 per genre and session
    • Youth Ballet 1 only $32.00 for twice a week lessons
    • Financial assistance available for those who qualify 
  • Recital Participants
    • $10.00 one time performance fee
    • $55.00 costume fee per class 

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Progressive Dance Genres Ages 5-12

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Ballet 1: Ages 6-10.  In this fee based program, beginning students learn preparatory exercises focusing on creativity and exploration of movement.  Students engage in placement, technique, and musicality through barre, center, and enchainment (combination) exercises.  

  • Youth ages 8-10 have the opportunity to register for twice a week dance lessons

Jazz 1:  Ages 6-10.  In this fee based program, students will be challenged and engaged in class with an emphasis on syncopation, expression, body alignment, and strength.  

Progressive Jazz Funk: Ages 6-10. Jazz Funk is a high energy dance style that offers a fusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop. it involves strong musicality and intricate movements. Students will have an in class performance at the end of the session.

Tap 1:  Ages 6-10.  This fee based program teaches the technique, terminology, and rhythm of tap dancing. 


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Hip Hop:  Ages 5-12.  This fee based class teaches floor work and footwork in this high energy class with a focus on rhythms, musicality, and individual expression. 

Hula:  Ages 5-7.  In this fee based program, your child will gain understanding of the historical origin of Hula, Hawaiian words, and the basic steps and hand movements involved. 

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Preschool Progressive Dance Genres Ages 3-5

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Pre Ballet 1 & 2:  Ages 3-5.  This fee based program focuses on exploration of music and movement in this ballet introduction.  Preschoolers discover their creativity through fun exercises and group interaction.  Students engage in beginner placement, technique, and musicality in center and across the floor exercises.  

 Tap:  Ages 3-5.  This fee based program introduces the technique, terminology, and rhythm of tap dancing.  

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Dress Code

Wondering what to have your child wear to their first class? Check out our dress code below to learn more:

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Edna Cox at 360-307-4041

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