Early Youth Swim Lessons (Ages 0-2)


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Classes are available Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday in the morning or afternoon. Some single-day classes are also available.

Parent/Child Swim Lessons

Shrimp (6-14 months)

Parents work with their child in this water acclimation class. Skills include climbing in and out of the pool with assistance, blowing bubbles, paddling, and sitting on the pool edge.

Kippers (15-24 months)

Parents assist their children in acclimating to the water, entering and exiting the pool, float, basic swimming skills, sing songs, and play games.

Inia (25-36 months)

Children continue to explore the aquatic environment by building on their swimming skills with the help of a parent. Skills include wall crawl, jumping in, blowing bubbles, bobs, and swimming unaided.

Perch (30-36 months)


Assistance from parents during this beginning preschool class allows children to build confidence in a comfortable setting. Child must be water adjusted (willing to put head in water). Skills include jumping from side and returning to side, eyes in the water, supported kicking on back and front, and moving comfortably through the water for five feet.

View current session registration guide for sample class dates and times. 


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