Active Older Adult Potluck


Join us for a fun potluck and gathering of friends and stories. In addition to the excellent food, each potluck hosts a speaker or event.

January 28 | 1-2:30pm

Community Room

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Book Club


Read a good book and get to know a new character. Explore the traditions of a different era. Travel around the world! Start your adventure with these books and then attend our Book Club meeting in the Conference Room and share your experience.


January 15, 2019

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

In this celebrated work, his only novel, Wilde forged a devastating portrait of the effects of evil and debauchery on a young aesthete in late-19th-century England. Combining elements of the Gothic horror novel and decadent French fiction, the book centers on a striking premise: As Dorian Gray sinks into a life of crime and gross sensuality, his body retains perfect youth and vigor while his recently painted portrait grows day by day into a hideous record of evil, which he must keep hidden from the world. For over a century, this mesmerizing tale of horror and suspense has enjoyed wide popularity. It ranks as one of Wilde's most important creations and among the classic achievements of its kind.


February 12, 2019

The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedwick

In a narrative as beguiling and mysterious as memory itself--shadowed and luminous at once--we read the story of fourteen-year-old Nathaniel, and his older sister, Rachel. In 1945, just after World War II, they stay behind in London when their parents move to Singapore, leaving them in the care of a mysterious figure named The Moth. They suspect he might be a criminal, and they grow both more convinced and less concerned as they come to know his eccentric crew of friends: men and women joined by a shared history of unspecified service during the war, all of whom seem, in some way, determined now to protect, and educate (in rather unusual ways) Rachel and Nathaniel. But are they really what and who they claim to be? And what does it mean when the siblings' mother returns after months of silence without their father, explaining nothing, excusing nothing? A dozen years later, Nathaniel begins to uncover all that he didn't know and understand in that time, and it is this journey--through facts, recollection, and imagination--that he narrates in this masterwork from one of the great writers of our time.


March 12, 2019

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells, a pioneer in the science fiction genre, produced awesomely imaginative novels whose technologies seem impossibly sophisticated for a writer living in an era before automobiles and the widespread application of electricity. In his work The Time Machine, Wells Time Traveler, a gentleman inventor living in England, traverses first thousands of years and then millions into the future, before bringing back the knowledge of the grave degeneration of the human race and the planet. One wonders if Wells could truly see into the future, as over 100 years after its publication date his visions seem timelier than ever.


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Knitting Group

The Knitting Circle meets weekly. Knitting, crocheting, and sharing project ideas is a rewarding way to spend a couple of hours. 

Thursdays | 12-2pm | Teen Center


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Bible Study


Are you looking to enrich your spiritual health? Do you desire a better understanding of the Lord’s message? You are invited to gather together for a Bible Study in a  non-denominational small group with other caring members.

We will work through many thoughtful studies of the bible’s teachings and our individual relationships with God. Come join us!

YMCA Bible Study

Led by Gordon Wohlers

Wednesdays | 11am-12pm

Upstairs Chapel


If you have any questions, please contact Judy Yoder at

Games, Activities, and Bingo

HWB June Our Voice

Every Thursday from 12-2pm in the Teen Center, you will find AOA’s playing pool, ping-pong and foosball.  The jigsaw puzzle will be spread out for those who desire a little  mental challenge.

As promised, bingo will now be a weekly event at Games and Activities.  There are usually 10 games played, each with a prize for the lucky.  Do you feel lucky?

Coffee, snacks, and some friendly banter is always part of this event.

AOA Games, Activities, and Bingo

Thursdays | 12-2pm

Teen Center

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American Sign Language


Sign language is a method of communicating your thoughts and ideas through facial expressions, hand shapes and finger spellings. This class will give Active Older Adults the opportunity to learn and practice a way of communicating with friends, family, and acquaintances who may be hearing impaired or unable to speak.


American Sign Language Class

Tuesdays  | 10:30am-11:30am

Teen Center



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