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If you are struggling with your relationship to food and your body, Journey to Healthy Living provides support to help you achieve peace with your body and lifestyle. This eight-week class meets twice a week and includes moderate physical activity, book discussion, journaling, and food education within a supportive environment. This group presents a new way of thinking about the way food and body image interact with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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For those searching to create peace with their bodies and lifestyle, this course provides a nurturing environment to address food and body image issues related to weight loss, eating disorders and food addictions.

Stefani Montague at 253-534-4751
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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes | YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program Ages 18+ | Other

The program provides a supportive environment where participants work together in a small group to learn about healthier eating and increasing their physical activity in order to reduce their risk for developing diabetes. The program, which is led by a trained lifestyle coach in a classroom setting, is delivered over a 12-month period, beginning with 16 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance. The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led National Diabetes Prevention Program and is nationally supported by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance. Please fill out this interest form if you are interested in participating.

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Weight Management | YMCA Weight Loss Program Other

In a classroom setting, a trained lifestyle coach facilitates a small group of up to 16 participants in learning about healthier eating, physical activity and other behavior changes over the course of 12 one-hour sessions. The program introduces participants to behaviors that have been shown to lead to sustained weight loss, and help participants develop those behaviors in ways that fit into their personal lifestyle. With the tools provided in the program, along with the knowledge and support of the group, participants develop their own nutrition and exercise plans that work for them. 


Registration is from November 12 - January 21

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Youth and Family Weight Loss | ACT! Actively Changing Together Registration Required

The ACT! Actively Changing Together program is for children ages 8-14 and their parents. This 12-week program promotes healthy nutrition, activity and lifestyles developed in partnership with providers and professionals. The ACT! Program appeals to children and parents alike by providing engaging, fun, and unique activities. By actively changing together, parents and kids can learn how to form healthy lifestyle habits as a family. Specially trained Y staff offer guidance and encouragement for eating well, playing often, and preventing health conditions associated with being overweight. Referrals are welcome year-round.

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Amber Ross at (253) 534-4757