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Take your workout to the next level with our knowledgeable personal trainers. They'll partner with you to create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, whether you're an athlete or looking to start an exercise routine for the first time.

Personal Training Personal Training

Our certified YMCA personal trainers use their knowledge of current research concepts, principles of sound exercise, and state-of-the-art equipment to design and implement a fitness program tailored just for you.

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Deb DeLong at 253-906-9945
  • Colleen Kraft profile picture

    Colleen Kraft

    I grew up in Bellevue and have been living on the Eastside until recently when my husband and I and our two girls moved to Federal Way. I grew up playing lots of sports such as cross country, basketball, and javelin and have competed in crossfit for the last 6 years. I am a big Coug fan and love Cougar football Saturdays. I have a passion for athletics and healthy living and spending time with my family and friends.


    • BA Sport Management, Washington State University
    • ACE Personal Trainer
    • CF Level 1 cert Pre/post natal exercise programming
    • HIIT/circuit style training
    • Sports specific training
    • CPR/AED/First Aid certified


    • Monday-Thursday: 4:30-8am, 9am-12pm, 4pm-close
    • Friday: 4:30-11am
    • Saturday: 7-11am



    Colleen is also available at:
  • Eva Rasor profile picture

    Eva Rasor

    I want to help you take that first step, as well as continue your journey of a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. I can guide you through the process of identifying and achieving your health and fitness goals. Through this journey you may discover that you are capable of more than you thought possible.


    • Ashmead Fitness Trainer Program graduate
    • American College of Sports Medicine


    Eva is also available at:
    Lakewood Family YMCA, Morgan Family YMCA
  • Jeremy Matherne profile picture

    Jeremy Matherne

    My training career started soon after I graduated high school. I was unhappy with my body and decided to make a change. As I found success and others noticed, I was often being asked for advice and help. Fast forward a few years and I have my Associate degree of Kinesiology. I am also an ACE certified personal trainer and have completed their weight loss management specialization. My passion for training comes from the desire to help others not just look better but feel better. I like to set up small goals to achieve big dreams. So, no matter how far from your dreams you are, you can still enjoy small victories that you can always be proud of and prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you set your mind too. I pride myself on being adaptable and giving you unique workouts no matter what your goal is. From gaining muscle and increasing your strength on major lifts to weight loss, just know that you can do it and I’m here to help!


    • Associate of Kinesiology
    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    • ACE weight management specialist
    Jeremy is also available at:
    Mel Korum Family YMCA
  • Naky Case profile picture

    Naky Case

    Engaging others and guiding people to achieve their goals is at the forefront of my mission as a personal trainer. I am a mother of three boys and know how intimidating the fitness journey can be. Let me help you get back your health and start on your journey. I can help you take the first step and will continue to be by your side to motivate, inspire, and help you.

    As your trainer, I will create a program that is safe, fun, and effective. Using weights and functional movements, I will show you exercises that help build a solid foundation to achieve greater strength and endurance. Your success is my success. I want you to look and feel your absolute best. Let me help you achieve your goals and have fun in the process. Let me help you fall in love with fitness!


    • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM Weight Loss Specialist Certification
    • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification
    • Red Cross CPR/AED Certified


    Naky is also available at:
    Mel Korum Family YMCA
  • Ryan Parton profile picture

    Ryan Parton


    I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and my passion for the overall heath and well being of an individual is my focus. I apply behavioral, motivational, and exercise strategies to create a balance that leads to a healthy lifestyle. By combining the principles of cardiovascular conditioning, progressive resistance training, nutritional balance, and life coaching, this creates a metabolic shift in an individual. I treat each client as a unique individual and create a specialized program that progressively builds upon their needs. 


    • PTA Global Master Certified Personal Trainer
    • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
    • Functional Movement Systems
    • Alloy Team Training Coach
    • TRX Suspension Systems


    *Call for pricing

    Ryan is also available at:
  • Shannon Staehler profile picture

    Shannon Staehler

    People are capable of so much more than what we give ourselves credit for and I want to help you find and see your true potential. While I may challenge you, it is because I know you can handle it. Although I may push you, I am always aware of your limits. Give me everything that you have and together we can accomplish any goal that you have set in place. This process may be difficult, but one that you can and will be proud of.


    • Health and Well-Being Coach
    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer


    Monday | 12pm-8pm
    Tuesday | 12pm-4pm
    Wednesday | 12pm-8pm
    Thursday | 12pm-4pm
    Friday | 12pm-4pm


    Shannon is also available at:
    Mel Korum Family YMCA
  • Rob Setchell profile picture

    Rob Setchell

    A solid foundation of balance, mobility, and strength is what allows us to fully reach any fitness goal. I will help you improve movement, increase strength, build endurance, and achieve results through planning and progressive programming. As your personal trainer, I will work with you to put together an effective exercise program based on your current fitness level and your schedule to help you reach your short term and long term goals. My exercise programs focus on the foundation of building strength, improving range of motion, correcting muscle imbalances, and establishing cardiovascular endurance. The benefits of this type of program are reduced body fat, improved balance and mobility, healthier heart, stronger immunity, increased energy, and an improved metabolic rate. Combined with solid nutrition, we can literally transform your body and the way you feel.


    ACE Certified Personal Trainer



    Rob is also available at:
    Mel Korum Family YMCA
  • Tanya Tesar Longoria profile picture

    Tanya Tesar Longoria

    I am convinced that in order to make your fitness goals a reality it has to be an enjoyable and gratifying experience. You need to see and feel your results!

    I will tailor a program around your goals and what is important to you. Together we will come up with a routine that you enjoy, that challenges you and that keeps you coming back for more. Let’s make your physical fitness a fun "habit," not a chore!

    I have a diverse background, education, and experience in fitness. I was a collegiate heptathlete, worked for the Seattle Sonics for nearly a decade, coached CrossFit for five years and have a lifetime passion for finding creative and fun ways to stay fit.

    I’ll enjoy meeting you at the fitness level you are currently at, and to witness the improvements you will make with your training. Youth athletes looking for off-season conditioning, parents just getting back to the gym after raising kids or having babies, competitive athletes looking for an edge, or maybe you are just looking to take a new step towards a healthier lifestyle. Whatever journey you are on, I will keep you motivated and energized as you reach your goals!


    • Bachelors degree in Sports Science
    • Masters degree in Sports Administration
    • NASM personal training certification
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • Collegiate track and field athlete
    • CrossFit Masters Regional qualifier, 2014-2019


    Tanya is also available at:
    Mel Korum Family YMCA