Year-End Giving













We have so much to be thankful for this year. Because of generous donors:

  • 40,947 adults and families received membership assistance 
  • 4,343 teens has a safe place with caring adults through Teen Late Nite and outreach programs
  • 2,645 youth received scholarships to experience outdoor camp at YMCA Camp Seymour
  • 482 youth received scholarships to attend before and after school child care

During this giving season, support your community and donate to the Y to ensure more families and youth have access to programs that provide support for a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

$25 provides 5 teens with a safe place

Your gift of $25 supports 5 teens to participate in our Teen Late Nite program for one month. Learn how Teen Late Nite changed Kwame's life by clicking here or make a gift below to support teens in your community just like Kwame.

$50 supports 2 youth in day camp

A gift of $50 supports two youth to attend day camp with the help of financial assistance for one week next summer. By providing assistance, you are giving youth like Demara the chance to find new friends during the summer. Click here to read Demara's story or make a gift below to provide the opportunity for two youth to join camp for a week in the summer of 2018.

$75 gives 4 people the gift of community

By giving $75, four members will find community at the Y through our membership financial assistance program for one month. Financial assistance provides the gift of support for members like Sarah and her family, read Sarah's story here or make a gift below to support families like Sarah's.

$100 provides opportunity to 2 youth to find mentors

Your gift of $100 provides 2 youth the opportunity to participate in our Brotherhood or Sisterhood program for an entire school year. Teens like Brianna have dreams of becoming a pediatrician, and with the support of their mentors in the Sisterhood program, they have an extra caring adult to support them in reaching their goals. Read Brianna's story here or make a gift below to support teens like Brianna.

$150 supports one cancer survivor in achieving holistic health goals

Your gift of $150 will provide a cancer survivor like Tim, the opportunity to participate in our Livestrong at the YMCA program. Click here to read more about Tim's journey or make a gift below to provide the gift of continuing health support.

$250 provides 1 foster child a free membership for 6 months

There are over 10,000 children in foster care in Washington state, and the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties currently provides free membership to 1,472 of them. By giving a gift of $250, you can provide one foster child the gift of membership for six months. To read how you can impact a family like Keri's by providing this opportunity, click here or make a gift below to give the gift of hope today. 



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