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Steve and Becky's will says a lot about their legacy. What does your will say about you?

Make your resources do more – for you, your loved ones, and the causes you care about. Your membership and support help to enrich and transform lives in our community each and every day, through every season of life. You are truly helping to make a world of difference in your community! 


Determining what’s right for you depends on your unique situation, needs, and goals. Each giving option helps you make a greater impact for the Y and your community. You can choose to benefit the Y now or later, and choose to donate your assets now or after your lifetime. Each option offers different benefits to you and/or your loved ones. The variety and timing of the benefits vary with each option.   

We can help you to do more than you thought possible for members of your community so they, in turn, can embrace hope, opportunities, and a brighter, stronger future. 


Knowing your options helps ensure you don’t miss out on important opportunities and valuable solutions. Potential solutions can include donating a non-cash giftmaking a gift, and receiving fixed payments for lifefor you and/or a loved one, or planning a significant future gift that costs you nothing now.

Benefits may include:

  • Receiving income for life or a period of years for you and/or a loved one.
  • Reducing, delaying, or eliminating capital gains on donated appreciated assets.
  • Increasing income from low-producing CDs or stocks.
  • Complementing your retirement and financial planning.
  • Transfering a business or farm to your heirs at reduced or eliminated taxes.


You might be surprised by your options. Learn how you can make larger gifts than you ever thought possible. Or make gifts you never realized you could give. In some instances, you and/or your loved ones can receive helpful financial benefits as well when you make a gift to the Y. 


Writing a check or using your credit card is a simple, quick, and easy way to make a gift to the Y.

However, there are many other ways you can also make a gift. Some ways can provide you and/or your loved ones with a variety of benefits as well. Others can help you do more than you may have thought possible. We encourage you to explore all your options. 

Turn Your Noncash Resources Into Life-Changing Gifts

Did you know there are many ways you can give to the Y today without writing a check? For instance, you can:

  • Give a gift of  stock or real estate that has appreciated in value.

  • Donate part of your  IRA (must be 70 ½ or older to use this option).

Give a Gift and Receive Payments for LIfe

Did you know you can make a gift to the Y and receive fixed payments for life? Learn more about  Charitable Gift Annuities.

Plan for Your Future and the Y's Future

Plan for your future, and the Y’s future...Simple ways you can help ensure a strong Y for future generations.

Your desire to help others has been in important part of your life. Did you know there are a variety of ways you can continue doing what you love – helping to strengthen and transform your community – even after your lifetime?

Simply name the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties as one of the beneficiaries of your: 

Harness the Giving Power of a Private Foundation—Without the Complexity

Donor Advised Funds

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to support the YMCA and other causes you love? A donor-advised fund, which is like a charitable savings account, may be the right choice for you. Here's how it works. You transfer cash or other assets to a tax-exempt sponsoring organization such as a community foundation. You can then recommend—but not direct—how much and how often money is granted to the Y or other charities—sometimes as easily as using a web portal. And you avoid the cost and complexities of managing a private foundation. You qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction at the time you contribute to the account, and the power to make recommendations on which charities to support whenever you want. You centralize your giving and record-keeping in one location. And maybe best of all, you can start a legacy of giving by letting your children help decide which grants to recommend.

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The Y’s philanthropy team welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions, provide you with practical resources, and help you and your advisors explore your options in more detail.

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