Golf Tournament Rules

• Format: four-person team scramble.
• Women play off the silver tee markers, men play off the white tee markers.
• Each team tries to score the lowest team score for 18 holes.

Note: The team must use each team member’s tee shot at least twice (2 times)
1. After all the team members have hit their tee shots, the team selects the best shot and
all second shots are placed and played within one club length of the selected ball, not
nearer the hole.
2. After the second shots, the best shot is selected and all third shots are placed and
played within one club length of the selected ball, not nearer the hole. This procedure is
repeated until the hole is completed.
3. For every shot, you can lift, clean, and replace the selected ball.
4. Even in the bunker, you may lift the selected ball, rake the bunker, and replace the ball.
5. Wherever the selected ball lies, all shots must be taken from the same area condition. For
example: Fairway on fairway. Rough in rough. Bunker in bunker. Hazard in hazard.

1. Two putt limit.
2. All balls must be placed no further than four inches from the selected ball.
3. All team members must putt before a second putt is taken, because the first ball into the
hole counts as the team score.

If a team has only three players, to compensate for the missing player, one player, on a
rotation basis, may play two shots for that hole as if he/she is the fourth player. The rotation
order should be established before the first tee shot is hit. The number of tee shots each of
the three team members must be use is increased from two to four.

All the team scores will be calculated by using a “Modified Scheid Scramble Chart” handicap
system. The club’s tournament staff will be happy to explain the handicap system, winners
will be announced at dinner following play.

Note: Mulligans cannot be used for “Contest” or “Hole-in-One” shots.
• Longest Drive Hole 14
• 50/50 Hit the Green: Hole 7
• Hole-in-One's: Holes 7 and 12
• KP: Hole 12

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