Tacoma Center YMCA Annual Campaign

Dear Friend,

Every day, the YMCA strives to serve those less fortunate in spirit, mind, and body. It’s through our combined mission of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility that we aim to provide the most care and service to children, teens, families, adults and seniors that are often forgotten.

This year is no different. We have seen the need for community showers increase here in downtown Tacoma. Youth, more than ever, are reliant upon safe places such as the YMCA to give them the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive through sustainable programming like Teen Late Nite. Financial assistance is one of the underlying programs that truly makes the YMCA different from any other fitness facility. Every year, we continue to give out more and more scholarships so that we never had to turn someone away because they cannot pay.

All this is more is what you contribute towards as a donor of the Annual Campaign. Whether you have been a partner for thirty years or this is your first time hearing about our cause, would you please consider supporting the Tacoma Center YMCA through a tax-deductible charitable
gift this year? Together, I believe we can be part of lasting change right here in our backyard, meeting tangible needs on a day-to-day basis. Thank you for your support and contributing to those whom we serve together. It’s not a one man job, we are all in this together; for a better city, a better country, and a better world.

Warm regards,
Phil Carter | Regional Executive Director

For Youth Development

Levi FamilyJohn and Jordan Levi are busy parents to five children under the age of nine, and the Y has become a second home. Their kids participate in youth sports, dance recitals, swim lessons, and after school programs. “The Y was a staple for me growing up in Tacoma, and I want it to be the same for all of my kids,” said John.

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For Healthy Living

David MoranLooking for a change of scenery, David moved from Miami, Florida to the Pacific Northwest. Tired of the partying and the emphasis on personal status, David was more interested in discovering himself, especially getting a chance to experience the outdoors of Washington’s natural habitat.

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For Social Responsibility

Whitney Dixon Updated (1)“I had a lot of friends growing up who were in gangs,” said Whitney. “But I always knew where we could go, where we would all be safe, and be surrounded by people who wanted the best for us.”

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