Morgan Family YMCA Annual Campaign

Dear Morgan Community,

This year The Morgan Family Y celebrates 40 years of service in the Tacoma community. It was the vision of John Morgan and other Tacoma leaders to build a Y that would not only promote individual health and well-being, but serve to strengthen our community overall.

As we reflect back on 40 years of impact, we celebrate our great history. However, we will also remain focused on the future needs of our community. The Morgan Family Y has set its sights on the ambitious goal in this year’s Annual Campaign. With these funds we will create a stable environment for all foster children, free of charge. Youth and families will have access to swimming lessons, gymnastics programming, youth sports and dance classes. We will continue
providing a safe and inclusive space for teens each and every Friday night. We will open our doors to more than 3,800 members, who would otherwise not be able to afford the Y.

Our Annual Campaign is led by volunteers, staff, and members like you who continue to believe in fulfilling the life-giving vision of access to all. The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties is committed to taking the lessons of the past 40 years, and applying them to the next 40, as we continue to build a stronger, healthier and happier community.

Stephanie Dobson, Executive Director

For Youth Development

Demara VDemara was new to Summer Day Camp at the Y, and it didn’t take long for her contagious energy to make an impact on her fellow campers. She also brought something new to the campers—experience of spending time with someone in a wheelchair.

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For Healthy Living

Donna Taylor IIDonna’s journey at the Y started after an open heart surgery left her weak andvunhealthy. She started taking classes, and found a strong connection with fitness coach Tasha.

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For Social Responsibility

Maleek and DanavianDifferent life experiences brought foster brothers Maleek and Danavian under the same roof. As soon as they were placed in the foster home, their foster father signed them up at the Y, which the Y provides to foster children at no cost, and they have been involved ever since.

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