Mel Korum Family YMCA Annual Campaign

Dear Community Champion,

Each day, the YMCA aspires to strengthen community. From advocacy to foster care support, disease prevention to athletics, financial freedom to art, everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhood and the people who live here.

Here at our very own Mel Korum Family YMCA, we have the privilege to meet new people every day. People seeking the opportunity to develop, connect and live heathier lives. We believe that each person is on their own journey. We also believe that through positive relationships, programs and support many can write a more impactful story.

But keeping our community great and investing in people is a full-time job. Every day, our community faces new challenges, that create a greater need for what we do. We need partners like you, who share a commitment to helping youth reach their fullest potential, being a champion for healthy living and inspiring others to give back fostering a culture of social responsibility. With your invaluable support, we can reach more people with high impact programs and services that truly change lives.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference. We are better together because of you.

With gratitude,
Doris Swanson | Executive Director

For Youth Development

KwameWhen Kwame first started coming to Teen Late Nite, he was dealing with a lot of anger issues, both towards himself and the people around him, which eventually led to an unfortunate suspension from the program.

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For Healthy Living

Patricia and her granddaughter, Michelle, joined the Mel Korum Family YMCA for different reasons. Patricia, a two-time cancer survivor, set out to gain strength and make a lasting change for herself. Her granddaughter, Michelle, hoped to live a healthier lifestyle.

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For Social Responsibility

Charles StanleyCharles struggled with confidence and finding his purpose in life, so he decided to attend the Y’s Youth Investment Center. It wasn’t long before Charles became an inspiring leader. He even participated in a summer internship program where he rallied his peers to do complimentary lawn care for two elderly women.

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