Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will use their knowledge of current research concepts, principles of sound exercise, and state-of-the-art equipment to design and implement a program tailored just for you. Contact Deb Delong at 253-906-9945 for more information, or purchase a package.

Personal Trainer Rates

  • 1 session: $65 per session
  • 6 sessions: $360 ($60 per session)
  • 12 sessions: $672 ($56 per session)
  • $40 per person for groups
  • Elite trainers - call for pricing

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Abe Lupkin


Abe Lupkin comes to the YMCA with a diverse athletic background in high school and collegiate coaching, and as an athlete having been a high school state champion wrestler and baseball player. He spent 8 years as an assistant baseball coach at Olympic College where he planned/implemented the strength and conditioning programs for the team. He also spent 6 years as the head baseball coach for the Tumwater Brewers college summer baseball team.Since becoming a part of the YMCA in 2009, Abe has spent time as a fitness instructor and Health and Well-being coach. In addition to his diverse fitness background he is an avid participant in the sport of triathlons and is a member of the West Sound Triathlon Club. Abe is always looking for the next challenge in life and is excited to help you face yours.


  • American Council on Exercise: Personal Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise: Nutrition Specialist
  • Twist Sport Performance
  • Trigger Point Foam Rolling

Cindy Thomas


Personal Fitness is the key to a happy and healthy life. Let me be your guide on that journey to achieve the success your striving for. With the right guidance you can make positive changes in your health and fitness that can make a huge impact in your future. My background doesn’t start with a love of fitness or sports like most, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 8. After years of wearing a restricting back brace to hold my curved spine in place it was decided that surgery was the only option left. As anyone knows with any type of injury or issue the pain never really subsides. After years of doctors offering to fix the pain with medication I decided to learn or develop ways to build my core and overall body strength. With lots of research and discussing options with doctors, trainers and physical therapists I modify exercises to fit me. No matter where you are, each fitness journey has to be developed around individual people and their needs, as your trainer I will do that and together we will be successful at each step. 


  • Training Plans for Clients across the United States.  
  • Physical Conditioning Plans for a collegiate Softball Team.
  • 15 Years coaching youth soccer.
  • 4 years coaching cheerleading. 
  • 5 years of classical ballet and tap training. 
  • 4 years physical conditioning youth football program. 

Lindsay Freeman


I believe every individual is created unique and different! Therefore, every individual’s fitness abilities and needs are also unique and specific to them. My goal, as a personal trainer, is to meet you at your current fitness level then create a fun, effective, and engaging program specific to your health and fitness goals. My job is to help you be the best you can be in your body!

In high school and college I was an active person, participating in swim team, color guard, and track. Even though I was active I still struggled with my weight. In college I decided to really get down to the nitty-gritty and get healthy. I hired my own personal trainer who encouraged me and challenged my ideas of fitness and what eating healthy really looked like. I lost the weight I needed to, and started competing in triathlons. I began beating my personal records again and again. Even after a bad bike crash (that put me in urgent care after the race) I got up, hopped on my beat up bike, finished the race and placed second in my age category.

A couple of crashes left me with a hurting body that made physical activity very hard. My love for triathlons still prevailed though and I hired another personal trainer. She understood my weaknesses and worked with me to make my body stronger so I could compete again. The awesome experiences I have had with personal trainers encouraged me to get certified as well. Now armed with my A.C.E. Personal Training Certification, I am on a lifetime journey to stay fit and healthy and to help others do the same!


  • A.C.E Personal Training Certification

Randi Sunderman

randi.sunderman@gmail.comRandi Sunderman

I have been in the fitness industry for several years, and strive to help clients learn what fitness means to them. Whether your personal goal is to gain functional fitness, lose weight, or obtain strength I am here to encourage and support you. Fitness, to me, means consistently striving to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

I believe that fitness is a vital part of one's personal well-being, contributing both physical and mental benefits. My goals, as your trainer, is to offer you a dynamic, individualized, safe effective workout. Each program will incorporate core stability, balance, and flexibility, in addition to strength and cardio. Your goal specific program will be designed to meet your needs and your schedule, in an effective and exciting manner. 


  • Bachelor's Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • NASM Personal Trainer Certified
  • CPR/AED Certified through American Heart Association

Ron Canfield


Fitness has been a priority my entire life... from being a sprinter, hurdler, long jumper, and earning President's Physical Fitness Awards in my school days... to making fitness, health, and well-being a part of my daily routine in adulthood. When I started substitute-teaching fitness classes ten years ago I found that helping others improve their level of fitness was as rewarding as achieving my own personal goals. This prompted me to attain my Group Fitness Instructor Certification and teach my own classes, and to follow that up with my Personal Trainer Certification. My philosophy is "It's never too late to achieve your true potential". 


  • AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
  • AFAA's "A Taste of the Biggest Loser"

Ross Gilbert


I learned during my time training with British Special Forces, that in order to establish physical fitness as a lasting part of your lifestyle, the training you do must be enjoyable and it must achieve results. I will design your program around you: your schedule, your fitness level, your goals and what you enjoy. A program that works and leaves you wanting more.

I have been involved in top level sports and fitness since a very early age and have a broad range of fitness and conditioning experience. My aim is to design a program for you that will make you fit for purpose, achieve your goals, and keep you enthusiastic and hungry for more. Those are the ingredients for a lifelong fitness habit. From youth sports to adults, and from competitive athletes to those who just want to be fitter and healthier, I will make your fitness journey fun and successful.


  • Represented Scotland in rowing
  • Head Coach of the Tacoma Nomads Rugby Club
  • Competitive cyclist and multiple State Championships medal winner
  • Experience and training with British Special Forces
  • Competitive runner and triathlete

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