Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts

2018 Registration and Session Dates 

**Registration required for all classes except Tai Chi**

  • Fall 2 Registration: November 3 - 9
    Session: November 12 - December 16

Class List

Botukukan Karate

This form of martial arts comes from some of the fluid movements of the conventional Chinese styles, softening the traditional hard style from Okinawa.


This Korean martial Arts class teaches self-defense using kicking, throwing, and joint-lock moves. Hapkido means the way of coordinated power and is a ‘soft’ martial art, as it follows the circular and water principles.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi generates and circulates vital energy around the body by following certain principles of movement, posture and breathing. 

Tang Soo Do Karate

Korean Martial Arts emphasizing various blocks, punches, and kicking techniques to promote health, fitness, sport and self-defense.

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