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Facility Improvements

We value your comments and feedback. Here you can find updates on our facility improvements and responses to our top trending comments. Please let us know what we're doing well and what we could improve by filling out a comment card or speaking to a staff member.

Facility Upgrades

This summer and fall we have drained, cleaned and completed annual maintenance on our pool and hot tub. We have cleaned and re-surfaced our parking lots and walking track on the field. We have resurfaced our classrooms, gym and track. And so much more

In the year 2019, we look forward to the potential of upgrading the security structure within our building, completing annual pool maintenance and surface patching, adding electricity and lighting to our field shelter and so much more.

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Trending Comments


Throughout the year, we conduct surveys of members to assess your satisfaction with our programs and facility. In response to your comments, we want to let you know what we heard and what we're doing to better serve you going forward.

  • You shared concerns about timing of our programs and classes and requested our scheduling be more conducive to the needs of ALL families. We are diving deep into the timing of our group exercise classes, swim lessons, youth offerings and ALL else to make sure we have a wide range of offerings for our members. Some items we have already created are Sunday afternoon swim lessons, more dance offerings, a Date Nite program once a month for parents and so much more.

  • You shared concerns about cleanliness. In response, we are evaluating facility wear and tear, equipment availability and layout, and the overall cleanliness of the facility. We are planning ways to make sure the building is kept clean during all hours of operation. This summer we have painted many areas around the building, completed annual maintenance and cleaning of the pool and hot tub, re-surfaced the parking lots and so much more.

  • You expressed frustration over membership experience and value. In response, our association conducted a satisfaction and pricing study to better understand what is most important to our members and community. The study is in addition to the actions we are taking in response to member feedback as outlined above. The results and recommendations are currently under review and will inform future decisions and changes.

Your feedback is crucial to help us better serve you and your family. We look forward to sharing more details on how we’re improving our facility and programs in response to your comments.

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