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4717 S 19th St
Ste 201
Tacoma, WA 98405

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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Staff Directory

  • Charlie Davis

    President and CEO(253) 534-7849Send Email
  • Brian Flattum

    Vice President and Chief Operations Officer(253) 534-4707Send Email
  • Lee Ann Jansen

    Vice President and Chief Development OfficerSend Email
  • Shannon Costanti

    Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer(253) 534-7808Send Email
  • Darcy Blair-Celletti

    Vice President and Chief Community Impact Officer(253) 534-7805Send Email
  • Bruce Caudill

    Vice President of Information Technology(253) 534-4711Send Email
  • Stephanie Roberts

    Regional Executive Director - East Region(253) 534-7801Send Email
  • Tara Bywater

    Regional Executive Director - Central(253) 534-7843Send Email
  • Jose Gorospe

    Regional Executive Director - West RegionSend Email
  • Travis Fish

    Marketing and Communications Director - East RegionSend Email
  • Brian Paulsen

    Marketing and Communications Director - West RegionSend Email
  • Loren Johnson

    Association Property Development and Facilities Director(253) 534-7811Send Email
  • Alyssa Dunivan

    Human Resources Specialist(253) 534-7848Send Email
  • Andrew Homan

    Network Administrator(253) 534-7814Send Email
  • Carla Larson

    Engagement Director(253) 534-4714Send Email
  • Carol Kowalski

    Director of Planned Giving(253) 534-4776Send Email
  • Chad Tibayan

    Digital Experience Director(253) 534-7567Send Email
  • Clayton DeNault

    Association Director of Philanthropy(253) 534-7563Send Email
  • Clyde Croft

    System Administrator(253) 534-7826Send Email
  • Dave DeLong

    Executive Director of Safety and Risk Management(253) 534-4702Send Email
  • Dorita Rogers

    Payroll and Benefits Manager(253) 534-7807Send Email
  • Emily Autrey

    Helpdesk Technician - Marketing and Communications(253) 534-7566Send Email
  • Eric Kuhnau

    Safety and Risk Director(253) 534-7844Send Email
  • Franciso Rivera

    Senior System Engineer(253) 534-7824Send Email
  • Ganetta Booker

    Human Resources Director(253) 534-7809Send Email
  • Janele Nelson

    Association Mission Director(253) 376-3063Send Email
  • Jen Schlatter

    Executive Director of Philanthropy(253) 534-4703Send Email
  • Jessie Palmer

    Grants and Government Relations Director(253) 534-7819Send Email
  • John Sankovich

    Revenue Accounting Manager(253) 534-7815Send Email
  • Jonny Eberle

    Communications Director(253) 534-7841Send Email
  • Karena Brown

    Human Resources Clerk(253) 534-4712Send Email
  • Kate Neale

    Project Manager - Marketing(253) 534-7810Send Email
  • Katherine Steen

    Executive Director of Learning and Development(253) 534-4701Send Email
  • Kris Jensen

    Executive Assistant(253) 534-7802Send Email
  • Krista Woodring

    Human Resources and Payroll Specialist(253) 534-4705Send Email
  • Kristine Le Grange

    Accounts Payable Clerk(253) 534-7817Send Email
  • Lisa Moxcey

    Graphic Designer(253) 534-7564Send Email
  • Lorraine Young

    Revenue Staff Accountant(253) 534-7816Send Email
  • Lynn Wilmot-Stenehjem

    Association Arts Director(253) 534-4719Send Email
  • Mark Willis

    Association Director of Community ExperienceSend Email
  • Megan Clawson

    Controller(253) 534-7818Send Email
  • Melissa "MoMo" Pulliam

    Training Specialist(253) 534-4713Send Email
  • Michelle LaRue

    Director of Strategic Engagement(253) 534-7842Send Email
  • Nichole Frandanisa

    Corporate and Group Engagement Director(253) 534-7823Send Email
  • Phil Carter

    Association Director of Philanthropy(253) 534-7846Send Email
  • Rollin Mills

    Benefits and Compensation Director(253) 534-7825Send Email
  • Ron Johnson

    Management Information Systems Director(253) 534-7813Send Email
  • Sarah Homan

    Administrative Assistant(253) 534-7804Send Email
  • Shane Riley

    Digital Experience Director(253) 534-4710Send Email
  • Todd Love

    System Administrator(253) 365-9729Send Email
  • Wendy Majerus

    Help Desk Technician(253) 534-7821Send Email