Why You Should Take an Art Class at the Y

August 9, 2019 Jonny Eberle Comments (0)

In our busy, constantly connected world, it can be difficult to find time to break away and focus on activities that positively impact our physical and mental well-being. A recent study found that Americans are among the most stressed people in the world and that’s especially true of young people, with 90% of 15-21 year-olds reporting symptoms of stress.

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One way to help combat the stress of daily life is to engage in creative expression. YMCA Arts programs help children and adults develop confidence and increased self-awareness as they practice in problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail. Here’s why you should try an art class at the Y:

The arts are for everyone

Preschool children hold up their finished art projects.

The arts are important, not only because of how participation in the arts strengthens and enriches communities, but also for how creative arts teaches people of all ages creativity, self-confidence, empathy, and the open-mindedness that makes our world a better place. At the Y, you are an artist, regardless of your age or skill level.

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Choose from a wide variety of art programs

Youth in a preschool ballet class.

The very first ballet class was offered at the Y in 1989. Today, the Y has a huge variety of art classes available, including dance, music, theater, musical theater, visual arts, digital arts, and culinary arts. From hip hop and guitar to photography and ceramics, you’ll find an art class that sparks your creativity.

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Learn from professional artists

Youth and adult guitar students learn basic chords in a YMCA music lesson.

Art instructors at the Y are professional artists who are there to help guide and encourage you. Whether you’re taking an intro drawing class or intermediate guitar, our staff will help you improve your techniques and provide space to have fun in a supportive environment.

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Try a YMCA art class for free in August

Teenagers in a culinary arts class give a thumbs up.

If you want to sample an art class before registering, you’re in luck! This August, the Y is offering a free art class for anyone who’s interested in seeing what makes Y Arts unique. You don’t have to be a YMCA member to try it — everyone is welcome. 

Find Your Free Art Class Now

Y Arts programs are designed to focus on the whole person and ignite a passion that can lead to a lifetime of arts appreciation and participation. Art classes are good for your mental health, feed the soul, and provide an outlet for creative expression. Try a class today!

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