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Throw back Thursday presents an old time favorite read - rekindle the magic of the "The Boxcar Kids" series. Visit the library this weekend for your fun family outing opportunity. #Yread #TBT

Special thanks to Doug Baldwin from the Seattleseahawks for visiting our site at Cottonwood Elementary! Look for NFL Play 60 fitness program at our sites this year! #seattleseahawks #dougbaldwin

Now's the time! Take advantage of the YMCA Fall promotion at facilities near you - joining fees are waived until September 22. Activate those child care memberships and sign up the whole family!

At YMCA Child Care, the 8 Points of Leadership help affirm and teach leadership skills to your children. Ask your child about what it means to "be a leader to yourself" on the way home from school today.

Need to spice up your family dinner conversation this evening? Choose a question of the night and let your child have a chance to be a leader and start the conversation.

Question of the week for the car ride home:
What would you do if you saw a classmate playing alone at recess? Would you invite them to play with you?

Asking questions helps develop critical thinking skills!

Chronic absence, missing 10% of the school year or more, does not just affect the students who miss school. If too many students are chronically absent, it slows down instruction for other students. #AttendanceMatters #SchoolEveryDay

Quote of the day:

Staff Spotlight: Meet Shannon, one of our fabulous life changing Y staff! Her favorite part about the Y has been working with your children and being energized daily by their stories and positive attitudes. On her free time she captures the world through the lens of a camera.

Question for your child on the car ride home today: "What was the nicest thing you saw someone do today?"

Their answer might surprise you.


YMCA before and after school programs serve our community with a variety of programmatic and activity options to explore and develop their interests and talents. Our focus on safety, health, social growth, and academic enhancement means your children have fun, grow, and thrive in our care.

For more detailed information on our program please view our Parent Guide.



YMCA Pre-Kindergarten works with children daily on fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and focuses on teaching children to become independent learners.

Math, literacy and science are integrated into the weekly curriculum. Children are encouraged to be healthy in all aspects of life. The Y actively incorporates core values into the program to foster a positive culture and learning environment: honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.

For more detailed information on our program please view our Parent Guide.



Children work on their letter and number recognition as well as counting and writing skills. Mealtime allows children to learn social skills and cooperation. Outdoor time enhances motor skill development while having fun with friends.




YMCA Child Care provides high quality, licensed and certified care in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Our program is leading the way in youth development with:

  • Research based approaches to social-emotional support
  • Intentional homework assistance
  • Cultivation of transferable leadership skills
  • 60 minutes of physical activity
  • Healthy snack options in partner with the USDA
  • Structured monthly curriculum

See below for sample schedules and activities.                             






districts served             


View YMCA Child Care Sites in a larger map

INFORMATION COMING SOON!                                        






Priority registration for current child care participants will take place in May 2014. Open registration will begin on June 2, 2014 for the 2014-2015 school year.

If you want to inquire about registration for this year, check the status of a wait list, or have further questions, see the programs page for registration materials and contact information for the appropriate program director.


Financial Assistance is available for those who cannot afford the vital services of the Y. With Financial Assistance, everyone in our community can access the services they need to learn, grow, and thrive. If we can serve you or your family in this way, please fill out the Financial Assistance Application. Financial Assistance is made possible by the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

We also provide fee assistance through:

  • Pre-authorized DSHS/Third-Party providers
  • NACCRRA or GSE subsidies for qualifying Military Families
  • Second Child Discount - 10%

If you are interested in any of these please contact Judy McGrath at 253-534-7830.


The YMCA Child Care and Child Care Aware of America are proud to provide financial assistance to Active Army, Activated Guard and Reserve Soldiers and DOD Civilians. To apply for this military subsidy, please visit Child Care Aware.

See the Military Financial Assistance Brochure for more information.



Army School-Age Programs in Your Neighborhood (ASPYN). If you are interested in receiving more information about Military Child Care and Financial Assistance, contact our office at 253-534-7829 or