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Association Office

TitleJob #Closing Date
Personal TrainerCP-Trainer 01---

Bremerton Family YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
BFB Custodian IBFB CUST 0112/18/2014
BFB Dance InstructorBFB YTH 02---
BFB Group Exercise InstructorBFB HW 03---
BFB Health and Well-being Coach 1BFB HW 01---
BFB Late Nite StaffBFB LNS 01---
BFB LifeguardBFB-Aqua 04---
BFB Marketing InternBFB Intern 01---
BFB Member Services Representative 1BFB Admin 01---
BFB Swim InstructorBFB-Aqua 05---
BFB Water Aerobics InstructorBFB-Aqua 06---
BFB Yoga InstructorBFB HW 02---

Gordon Family YMCA (Sumner)

TitleJob #Closing Date
GFB Member Services LeadGFB Admin 01---

Haselwood Family YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
HFB Aquatics StaffHFB AQUA 02---
HFB Ballroom Dance InstructorHFB - HW 12---
HFB Cycling InstructorHFB - HW 09---
HFB Dance InstructorHFB Youth 01---
HFB Group Exercise InstructorHFB - HW 01---
HFB Health and Well-being CoachHFB HW 02---
HFB Kickboxing InstructorHFB HW 13---
HFB Member Services Representative 1HFB Admin 01---
HFB Pilates InstructorHFB - HW 11---
HFB RIPPED InstructorHFB HW 03---
HFB Silver Sneakers InstructorHFB HW 14---
HFB Step InstructorHFB HW 04---
HFB Swim InstructorHFB AQUA 01---
HFB Yoga InstructorHFB - HW 10---
HFB Zumba InstructorHFB - HW 08---
HWD Water Aerobics InstructorHWD Aqua 03---

Lakewood Family YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
LFB Aqua Zumba InstructorLFB AQUA 05---
LFB Aquatic StaffLFB Aqua 01---
LFB BARRE InstructorLFB EXINST 07---
LFB Cycling InstructorLFB EXINST 01---
LFB Dance InstructorLFB DNC 01---
LFB Engagement RepresentativeLFB ENG 01---
LFB Guitar InstructorLFB YTH 02---
LFB Head Swim Coach 1LFB AQUA 04---
LFB Health and Well-being Coach 1LFB HW 01---
LFB Kickboxing InstructorLFB EXINST 04---
LFB Late Nite StaffLFB LNS 01---
LFB Member Services Representative 2LFB Admin 01---
LFB Piano InstructorLFB Arts 01---
LFB Pre-School Gymnastics InstructorLFB Yth 01---
LFB Step InstructorLFB EXINST 03---
LFB Swim CoachLFB Aqua 03---
LFB Visual Arts InstructorLFB Arts 01---
LFB Water Aerobics InstructorLFB Aquat 02---
LFB Yoga InstructorLFB ExInst 02---
LFB Youth Sports CoachLFB Yth 03---
LFB Zumba InstructorLFB EXINST 05---

Mel Korum Family YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
KFB Aquatic StaffKFB Aqua 01---
KFB Birthday Party HostKFB BPH 03---
KFB Dance InstructorKFB Yth 02---
KFB Gymnastics DirectorKFB DIR 01---
KFB Health and Well-being Coach 1KFB HW 01---
KFB Nursery AttendantKFB NURS 01---
KFB Preschool InstructorKFB Yth 01---
KFB Program AssistantKFB PGAST 01---
KFB Water Aerobics InstructorKFB Aqua 02---
KFB Weekend Member Services Representative IIKFB Admin 01---
KFB Yoga InstructorKFB-ExInst 01---
KFB Youth Sports RefereeKFB YSL 01---

Tacoma Center YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
TC Aqua Zumba InstructorTC-Aqua 03---
TC Group Exercise InstructorTC HW 01---
TC LifeguardTC Aqua 01---
TC Maintenance Technician 1TC Maint 01---
TC Yoga InstructorTC HW 02---

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

TitleJob #Closing Date
TTFB Aquatic StaffTTFB AQUA 01---
TTFB Dance InstructorTTFB DNC 01---
TTFB Engagement RepresentativeTTFB ENG 01---
TTFB Late Nite StaffTTFB LNS 01---
TTFB Member Services Representative 2TTFB Admin 01---
TTFB Nursery LeadTTFB NURS 01---
TTFB Pre-School InstructorTTFB YTH 02---
TTFB Senior Aquatics DirectorTTFB Dir 0112/12/2014
TTFB Swim CoachTTFB SWIMCO 01---
TTFB Water Aerobics InstructorTTFB AQUA 01---
TTFB Youth StaffTTFB YTH 01---

University Y Student Center

TitleJob #Closing Date
UY Building SupervisorUY BSUPR 0111/28/2014
UY Child Watch StaffUY NURS 0111/28/2014
UY Climbing Wall StaffUY HW 0211/28/2014
UY Group Exercise InstructorsUY HW 0111/28/2014
UY Gym SupervisorUY GSUPR 0111/28/2014
UY Member Services Representative IIUY Admin 0211/28/2014
UY Membership and Fitness Staff (MEMFIT)UY Admin 0311/28/2014

YMCA Camp Seymour

TitleJob #Closing Date
CS Cabin LeadersCS Summer 10---
CS Custodian Full TimeCS Cust 01---
CS Kitchen AidCS KitAid 01---
CS Kitchen CookCS KitCook 01---
CS Retreats and Conferencing SpecialistCS RC 01---
CS Summer Food Services Bus DriverCS BUS 01---

YMCA Center for Community Impact

TitleJob #Closing Date
CCI Multi-Cultural Achievers "Sisterhood" StaffCCI MCA 02---
CCI Physical Activity CoachCCI PE 05---
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